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bulletTop level safety classification
bulletAnnually inspected tankers
bulletTrained employees
Big State Logistics tractor and tank at the Fairbanks shop
Big State tanker at the shop, on the way to a customer
Safety is a priority for us

We understand our responsibility to safely transport petroleum and other bulk products in Alaska.  We are committed to the safety of others on the roads, our personnel, and Alaska's environment.  We have transported hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel with minimal losses.

Safety classification

The US Department of Transportation rates our safety record "satisfactory."  This is the top level of the safety classifications for transporters.  You can see information about our safety record on the web

Spill responseBig State spill response van ready to roll out for emergencies

Big State employees have HAZWOPER training in spill response in the unlikely event we spill some product.  Our response van (photo at right) has responded to a number of spills called in by other companies and government agencies.  We are pleased to continue to help others with this service.  

Annual inspections

Federal regulations require annual inspections of tankers.  We carefully comply with these regulations for the safety of all and to prevent spills.

Trained employees

We train all of our drivers in safe procedures for transporting and handling hazardous materials.  In the unlikely event of an incident, our drivers know what to do.

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