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Big State Logistics tankers can supply oilfield needs
Site map

Home  -- General information about us

Services -- Here's what we do and how we can serve your business with trucking and freighting services across Alaska and the Yukon

General contractors -- If you have a big building project, and need bulk quantities of fuel and other products, this page is for you

Road contractors -- Summer in Alaska and the Yukon is road construction season.  Read here to find out how we can serve your needs.

Mining camps -- We serve Alaska and Yukon miners on and off the road system.  Find out how we can make your project keep running.

Oilfield services -- Sometimes businesses in Alaska's oil patch need bulk fuels and other products.  We can supply these needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Safety -- We have a strong commitment to safety, for our personnel, for others on the roads and for the environment of the North.

Contact us -- Here are several ways you can contact us

Links -- These are some links to businesses that we work, allies, friends and others that you may find useful.

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    Fairbanks Valdez
  In town (907) 452-8600 (907) 835-5600
  Toll free (Alaska) (800) 478-8660 (800) 478-5602
  Toll free (USA & Canada) (888) 452-8600  

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